Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kenny G links for Matthew Quick's Silver Linings Playbook

Kenny G:
Exercise: Before posting your comments about Kenny G on the Silver Linings Playbook discussion board, read the song titles listed below and speculate on the relationship between those titles and the various emotions that Pat feels regarding Nikki, his wedding, etc. Remember that “Songbird” was their wedding song, and that he heard it one day when he got home unexpectedly early and...

Exercise: Again before posting your comments about Kenny G on the discussion board, listen to one of the pieces listed below and freewrite your thoughts and feelings as you listen to the piece unfold. Before judging the piece positively, negatively, or otherwise, see whether you get any automatic or “knee-jerk” responses, and try to see why you might have these reactions, what in your own background (your parents’ favorite music, your friends’ music, subcultural identifications you may have, etc.) might influence your reactions, etc.


Forever in Love:


Endless Love:

Loving You:


The Wedding Song:

Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet:


Michael Bolton and Kenny G: “Missing You Now”

Silver Linings Links--Matthew Quick

Veterans stadium implosion and other Eagles-related clips:

Exercise: Eagles fandom plays a large role in The Silver Linings Playbook. Some of the specific scenes and occurrences in the novel are shown to be reflected in actual video clips (the Eagles chant, tailgating at the stadium parking lot, fan reactions to Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens). Look at the following videos and then comment upon how they affect your reading of the related scenes in the text: whether they underscore your initial reaction as a reader, whether they give you a different view of the episodes and settings, whether they present evidence that things you had thought hard to believe were in fact based on reality, etc.

Veterans stadium implosion:

Yo Eagles chant:

Fly Eagles Fly at tailgating:

Katie’s introduction to Eagles tailgating:

Eagles tailgating drunken jousting:

ditto #2:

Eagles fans are insane:

Eagles boo selection of Donovan McNabb in 1999:

Eagles fans lyrical moment:

Eagles fans yell “@ssh0!e” at Terrell Owens:

Terrell Owens cries: