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Overclocked Overdefined

Overclocked Overdefined

Overclocked 39 up, 7 down
A PC or computer that has been rewired or reprogrammed to work faster than normal; usually causing massive overheats and explosions if not cooled properly
What? You overclocked my Athlon and it's still intact?!?!

Overclock (7 definitions)

Overclock It
When at some early hour of the morning you still haven't gone to sleep you decide to continue into the next day having not slept.
"Man it's like 5am and I got class at 8:30. Think I'll just overclock it because I'll get fuck all sleep"

overclockability 11 up, 2 down
How well something can be overclocked.
I overclocked that CPU to 3.2GHz, it's got wicked overclockability.

overclocked remix 17 up, 1 down
A popular website with many rearrangements of video game background music. Adds new remixes often and allows remixers to try their own luck at the art of remixing.
I just heard the new song on overclocked remix, I love it already.

overclocker 13 up, 7 down
A person who can overclock. An overclocker is awesome.
Shroomer is an overclocker.
get this def on a mug
by Charles Ray Mar 20, 2003 share this
2. Overclocker 4 up, 14 down
An idiot who cannot accept that the people who make the hardware know more about it than they do, and cannot accept to just have things running a tiny amount slower and lasting a whole lot longer, which is generally cheaper in the long run (if you want faster pay more - your only going to end up paying more when you fry it)
Overclocker - its mint look how fast it is
Sensible person - your frying it
Overclocker - no i'm not theres a fan
sensible person - yes but the heat stress will shorten the life meaning someday it won't work

overclocking 30 up, 41 down
OVERCLOCKING - The process of installing high hopes, dumb luck, and several paychecks into a rectangular box which transmits a signal to a screen that displays your fate. The outcome is usually depressing.
I overclocked my 3.0ghz Pentium 4 Processor to an ungodly fast 4.8ghz Pentium 4 with my Prometia Phase Change Unit
Overclocked game:

Overclocked game walkthrough:



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