Saturday, December 12, 2009

I, Rowboat links

I, Rowboat:
In “I, Rowboat” Doctorow uses some science fiction tropes (common themes, patterns, motifs, concepts) that may be better understood with some context provided:
noosphere: -- Doctorow uses “noosphere” here to indicate a level of existence which is purely on the mental/idea level, without a necessary physical substrate for the thought to be founded in, as, say, someone’s mind is founded in his or her body.

Further definition of and links about the noosphere:

the Noosphere and the Internet:

Navigating and staking claims in the Noosphere, as in open source software:

Embodied consciousness / Incarnation / Downloaded mind patterns:
Some science fiction has dealt with the possible separation of mind from body, of reproducing someone’s mind as an electronic configuration, then downloading it into a computer or another physical body:

meat puppets:
Bisson text:

alien email:

Rachel in Love:
Rachel in Love, the Game:

mind uploading:

Doctorow on Science Fiction:

uplifting nonhuman animals:

storytelling and future empathy:

human-robot relations:

Journal of Evolution and Technology (relevant issues):


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